Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Digital Art

In May, Mrs. Coulson's Grade six students studied and then produced a variety of abstract art. Utilizing technology, the students carefully examined the movements from impressionism (Van Gogh) to more modernistic work (R. Delaunay) and finally modern cubism (R. Nendza). With direction and assistance from Mr. Angus and his Co-op Student,  Miss Maddy, the students then used the software "Pixie" to create their own works of art. Understanding how art has and is changing, is critical to the journey of all aspiring artists of the future.

Please enjoy some of the attached pieces.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Our ESL Students Are Growing . . .

On May 24th the ESL students from grade one and two finally planted our bean plants. These plants were germinated indoors and faithfully watered by Mr. Angus.
Once the sprouts had roots, we were able to transplant the bean plants outside for sun, water and fresh air. Next, we will make bean soup!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Way To Go Mathletes!!

On Wednesday May 15th at approximately 9am, grade 7 and 8 students all across North and South America wrote the 2013 Gauss Mathematics Contest (Eastern Hemisphere wrote the contest the next day).  A growing number of keen students in Grade 6 also wrote the Grade 7 contest.  The Gauss Mathematics Contest is a great opportunity to inspire students who already have a strong interest in mathematics and also help to increase confidence and ability in mathematics for other students.  Although the emphasis is on participation for the sake of enrichment, rather than competition, 31 students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel took on the challenge and did quite well.  The University of Waterloo, Mathematics Department awarded Certificates of Recognition to all contestants, with several students being awarded Certificates of Distinction for ranking in the top 25%!!!  Way to go Mathletes!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lego Club Update

Grade two boys Lego has wrapped and we are starting the last leg of the LEGO club for 2012-2013. For the next two-three weeks the girls will have the opportunity to build some of their dream structures. Thanks again to all the students that participated this year. Thanks to all the families that so graciously donated used LEGO to add to our collection and make this activity possible.
See you next year.

Mr. Angus
D.L.O. (Director of LEGO Operations)


We'd like to thank Mr. Hunt for donating two LCD monitors that his office recently upgraded. They will help save energy and get many more years of good use.

Friday, 17 May 2013


FROM THIS > > > > >
                                                                          TO THIS !

Thank you to our grade 6 classes who enthusiastically moved a mountain of mulch to create a dry, beautiful, partially-shaded area that our kindergarten classes can now enjoy.  Thank you to parent council for the donations of picnic tables.  Stay tuned for our next greening area project!

St. Vincent De Paul Society & Mrs. Geff''s Class

Mrs. Geffs' Grade 6 Class recently donated socks, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, magazines, books, and canned goods to the St. Vincent De Paul Society.  Mr. Strong from the Society came to speak to the class and accept the donations.  He was very happy because they don't often get donations of toilettries.  Mrs. Geffs was proud of how her students made an effort to help others.  Students wrote a reflection on what they had learned.  Here is a quote taken from one of the student's journal.

"St. Vincent De Paul, a man of courage, wisdom, kindness and integrity.  Mr. Strong, a man following in his footsteps doing what he loves to do...care for others."    

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Today's Announcements

Grade 6,7 & 8 students who are writing the Gauss Math Contest next week are asked to meet in Mrs. Oneschuk's room at 12:05 pm for your last practice.

Harvest Fresh Lunch has been changed from Tuesday, May 14th to Monday, May 13th to accommodate the Track and Field Day.

Lego Club for Gr. 2 BOYS today @12:05 pm

Senior Badminton team to return their shirts and goggles ASAP.
Junior Badminton team:  Girls practice today and Thursday @ lunch
                                         Boys practice will be on Friday

Catholic Education Week

Today is Day 2 of our Catholic Education Week.  
Today's theme is Faith that is Nurtured.
How can we be the rich soil for the Word of God to be planted?
How can we let God's Word grow in us?
How can we plant seeds of hope, compassion and love?
What kinds of things make love grow?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Yummy Treat!

Last week, Mark and Mrs. Schram were doing a literacy activity that ended with a cooking session.  Many new skills were introduced such as creating a shopping list of needed materials, kitchen safety and following a recipe. Many of us were lucky enough to taste and enjoy the Gourmet Grilled Cheese.


Lego began last week for the grade two boys. They will have approximately 5 more sessions then the grade two girls will get an opportunity to construct their dreams.

A special thank you goes out to the Villalta Family for the donation of LEGO to our club. A reminder to all our families that if you have some LEGO that you would like to add to our collection we are always accepting donations.

Thank you
Mr. Angus D.L.O. (Director of LEGO Operations)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Calendar & News

May's calendar and Principal's News was sent home on Tuesday with the youngest child in each family. Click here for calendar