Wednesday, 15 October 2014

French Immersion Information

October 15, 2014

Dear Parents,

French Immersion at Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is an English Catholic School Program designed for children whose first language is not French.  French Immersion incorporates academic studies in both English and French.  The program is designed to provide a high degree of proficiency in both French and English languages.

The Board of Trustees has approved a feasibility study for French Immersion in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. To initiate this process we are conducting a French Immersion survey for parents in our Catholic elementary schools. The purpose of this survey is to identify areas of interest for public consultation meetings for potential sites for French Immersion. 

The French Immersion survey is available on the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board’s website at Please note this link will be active beginning October 16th. The survey will be available to all parents from October 16th until October 30th.  Your local Catholic school will also have paper copies of the survey available until October 27th.

Based on the results of the French Immersion survey, public consultation meeting(s) will be held in November.


K. Bellaire