Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Spirit of Giving takes over OLMC's Grade 6 Classes!


(ESSEX COUNTY, ON)—   The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has an ongoing relationship with Aboriginal communities in Ontario to assist with providing policing and support to First Nations Police Services.

Often times, OPP officers from around the province are called upon to attend one of these communities for a period of time to support policing services.  Many Essex County OPP officers regularly attend for two weeks at a time to assist.

One such community is the Pikangikum First Nation.  It is an Ojibwe First Nation located approximately 100 kilometers north of the Town of Red Lake, with a population of 2100.  Putting it into perspective, if there were roads directly to the community, it would take approximately 22 hours by car from Essex County.

After hearing about this community from an OPP officer, the grade 6 students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Windsor decided to try to help their fellow students in northern Ontario by having a book sale in order to raise money to purchase items to be donated to the school children in Pikangikum.

A total of $1000 was raised and the students, not only purchased a significant amount of sports equipment, but also brought in 10 boxes of personal items on their own to give to these children.

The attached picture shows the grade 6 students and teachers from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School along with Provincial Constable Raquel OTTERMAN and the items that will make their way to their new home in northern Ontario.